A selection of work, both personal projects and for TV.

Wood Ants - The One Show


I spent the Summer of 2017 filming the incredible world of the Wood Ant. These phenomenal working machines are the rulers of the forest, they hunt, build and reproduce in huge numbers, with some of their nests reaching 6ft tall.

TX - The One Show - 05/10/2017

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Bluebells - The One Show


I spent a couple of months in 2018, filming our woodlands burst into life, through a magical transformation created by the british Bluebell! Including a Muntjac Deer in Bluebells sequence!

TX - The One Show - May 2018

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Flying Ants - The One Show


In the summer of 2018 it was my task as an on screen wildlife cameraman for The One Show, to film the spectacle of Yellow Meadow Ant's taking part in their very unpredictable, but spectacular, annual flight!

TX - The One Show - September 2018

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Poppy Fields - The One Show


A Poppy field was extremely difficult to track down, but once I found one, it was my task as an on screen cameraman for The One Show, to film the beautiful sea of red. As well as the wildlife which inhabits the spectacular poppy field.

TX - The One Show - November 2018

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Crab Spiders - Springwatch


I shot a sequence on Crab Spiders as part of a VT about Spiders which don't spin webs for Springwatch 2018. These remarkable Spiders lay in wait for their prey, camouflaged against their surroundings they are formidable predators!

TX - Springwatch - May 2018


The Rookery


In December 2016, I spent a day with the Grey Seals of Norfolk. The following film documents the drama that unfolded. Spending time with these magnificent animals was truly incredible and an experience I will never forget.


Russell Hartwell - WPOTY '97


21 years ago, my Dad, Russell Hartwell, won the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In this short film, he revisits the moment he took his winning shot and recounts the emotions he went through in order to get it.

Honours: Barcelona Planet Film Festival - Selection