Sequences of the following subjects are available:

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Bluebell Woods

- Time studies showing transformation

- Bluebell GV's

- Bluebell Close Ups

- Bluebells & Bumblebee's

- Muntjac Deer in Bluebell's

Yellow Meadow Ants - Flying Ant Spectacle

- Yellow Meadow Ant Close Up's

- Yellow Meadow Ant Mound GV's

- Reserve GV's

- Butterflies / Moths / Bee's Close Ups

- Yellow Meadow Ant Take Offs

- Flying Ant Spectacle  

Wood Ants

- Nest GV's

- Close Up's Ants

- Carrying Prey / Materials to Nest

- Ants hunting in trees

- Ants milking Aphids

- Ants spraying formic acid​